image of Phil Plait near the Space Shuttle Dr. Phil Plait, aka "The Bad Astronomer"
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Video Clips

Below are some samples of Dr. Plait's public speaking and television interviews. Some of them are direct dubs of studio tapes, while others were captured from tapes made from recording the television broadcast. Due to their size, they have been uploaded to YouTube, and can be accessed directly below. For updates, please check Dr. Plait's YouTube channel.

Also, in 2007, Dr. Plait started a video podcast (a vidcast or vlog) called "Q and BA" where he answers listeners' questions about astronomy. It's on hiatus for the moment until June, but the first seven episodes are online on his website.

Public Talk

In February 2006, Dr. Plait gave a talk at Adrian College in Michigan about the "Face on Mars". Here, he answers an audience member's question: "Do you believe in UFOs?" (3 min 14 sec)

TV Interviews

KXTV Sacramento News interview about bad astronomy in movies from February, 2004
(3 min 18 sec)
Fox News: The big, bright full Moon of 1999
(6 min 08 sec)
Fox News: Lunar Eclipse of January 20, 2000
(2 min 50 sec)
CNN: Lunar eclipse of January 20, 2000
(2 min 43 sec)
CNN: A near-miss by an asteroid
(2 min 04 sec)
Channel 50 (Santa Rosa, CA): Standing eggs on end on the vernal equinox
(6 min 42 sec)