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Review: Armageddon

Perhaps you've heard of the movie "Armageddon", unless, of course, you have been either holed up in a bomb shelter someplace or actually off the planet (to be fair, I am joking about the advertising here in the United States; I'm sure outside our borders people have yet to be blitzed by ads).

I saw the big 1998 summer movie a few days ago, and my ears are still ringing. The movie is about (stop me if you've heard this before...) a giant asteroid headed towards Earth, and our only hope is a lone group of heroes who must blow it up before it hits our planet.

Title pic of Armageddon

"Armageddon" is the last (oh, I hope) in a series of death-from-above movies that have, well, rained down on us in the past year or so. In the same spirit as my review of "Deep Impact", I have set up my review of "Armageddon" on a separate page, so that those that don't want to see plot spoilers won't accidentally spy any here.

However, I will say this here: this movie is in my opinion very very bad. And for those that think I am just being cynical because the astronomy is atrocious, I assure you, I am not. The movie is fun, I'll admit, but in my opinion the writing, acting, editing, direction and just about everything else was awful. Even the special effects were not very good, as I'll indicate in the real review. My advice: sure, go see it, but go during a matinee showing.

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