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Review: Deep Impact

Deep Impact After almost a year of anticipation, I finally got to see the big Hollywood movie "Deep Impact". I was prepared for the worst, even though I knew there was a team of astronomers used as science advisors for the flick (after all, the evil NBC movie "Asteroid" acknowledged the Griffith Observatory for their scientific advice!).

image of main DI advertisement Without keeping you in suspense, I'll just say it: I liked it. It was good! Sure, it had its Bad Astronomy, but quite a bit of it was right on the money, and some of the Bad stuff can be fairly chalked up to movie-making license. Most of the critiques by professional movie critics I read made it clear that DI was not an action flick, but they also said that the character-driven stories were weak. I disagree, in general. I thought the subplot about the reporter was very good. I thought the subplot about the kid that discovers the comet was indeed a bit shallow, and the astronauts were not very well done. Still, as a whole, I liked the movie and would not hesitate to tell people to see it.

As for details, I learned my lesson years ago posting messages to USENET newsgroups: keep plot details separate from the main message in case some people haven't seen the movie! So my scientific review, which must by its nature have some plot details in it, is kept apart from this main page. At the bottom of the page I have included a list of links to other comet impact web pages. Feel free to check them out as well!

One more note: the review has a few images in it, so it may be a tad slow to download. If that's a problem, turn off image loading first. I have manipulated the pix to be as small as possible to avoid that though. My apologies if it causes trouble.

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