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Coast to Coast AM topics

March 26, 2006

Welcome to Bad Astronomy!

This page has images and links that George Noory and I discussed on the Coast to Coast AM radio show on Sunday night, March 26, 2006.

If you are curious about the other times I have been on C2C, then you can read the pages I wrote for my appearances on July 29, 2005, December 22, 2004, July 5, 2004, February 26, 2004, and November 15, 2003.

Normally for these C2C pages I spend some time writing up a little essay on the topics, but unfortunately there wasn't time (they didn't invite me until Thursday). So, lamely, this will just be a bunch of links. However, I have written about a lot of this stuff before, so many of the links will go to my blog where there is more detail in my own words.

Comets and Stardust

The Solar eclipse on March 29, 2006

SpaceX and Falcon 1






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